I Forgot My Phone

This video says it all


Jimmy Fallon & Anne Hathaway Get West Coast Swag

Another funny one with Jimmy!

Pros Of Working in Europe

About 6 weeks ago, I started working at Tommy Hilfiger in Ireland as a part-time sales assistant. I don’t know how many of you saw my blog about the difference between the American customer and the Irish customer, but that is one definite pro about working in retail in Ireland; the customers are much more respectful and nicer. Anyways, I’m realizing lately that there are more pros to working in Europe, even part-time workers. 

I will start off with vacation. The amount of vacation you get compared to the two weeks paid vacation in America is unreal. It depends on the company I’m sure, but people here get double that, sometimes even 6 weeks paid vacation. When I started, two people were going away on vacation. I had asked them where they were going because they were gone for a week and they told me of their plans to stay at home. I thought this was odd. C’mon your time to be on vacation and you’re going to stay home? This is when I learned that these people are just taking a week off to relax and regroup, and are actually traveling somewhere in about June/July. Within the span of 4 months, they are getting two full weeks off paid vacation. 

Then I learned that even part-time workers, like myself, get paid vacation days as well. In America, that was not the case when I worked retail part-time. If I took a day off it was fine, but I wasn’t making any money that day. In Europe, you accumulate paid vacation days based on how many hours you work. I asked my boss if I could go somewhere for a week in September with my boyfriend and she said of course. She thinks by then I would have about 3-4 paid days off and then I can string my two days off together on top of that, and then just take two extra days off on top of that. I wouldn’t get paid for those two extra days off but do I care? No, I wasn’t even aware that I got paid vacation days!

Here’s the real kicker. Having a baby in Europe sounds like the smartest idea ever. That is, if you’re married to a European or you work in Europe, then it makes 100% sense. One woman I work with is pregnant, and was talking about when she is going on maternity leave, which is in July. She is due in August, but she thinks she may have to go on maternity leave a bit earlier than July depending on how she was feeling. Well guess when she comes back to work? In freaking January! A full 6 months off…. PAID by the government, or if your company pays for it that works too. But c’mon! 6 months compared to the American 4 weeks off? So insane, I’m definitely trying to have kids over here because a new mother should be with her child for more than 4 weeks. 

So basically, working in Europe is pretty damn awesome, well more awesome compared to working in America. But hey, that’s just my opinion so I understand if people don’t agree!

Cycle Through Killarney National Park To The Gap Of Dunloe

Cycle Through Killarney National Park To The Gap Of Dunloe

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went up to Killarney. We decided we were going to cycle some of the Ring of Kerry on Saturday. We set off early, knowing that this was going to be a long, tough, wet day out on the bikes.

We started our cycle through Killarney National Park. This was beautiful, we got to the see the Lakes of Killarney and some beautiful rivers, waterfalls, and streams along the way. We took abut a 20 minute break and sat down by one of the rivers and ate some food before continuing our journey.

After our short break we got up and continued our cycle. This was about 2 and a half hours in, so our butts were pretty sore by now. We started getting less into the trees and more into the mountains at this point. Sheep and lamb were on either side of us throughout this part of the cycle. This was probably the most memorable part of the cycle for me. A baby lamb couldn’t find it’s family so it was sitting and baa-ing at us through the fence. We were so close to this thing we could touch it, but we decided against it because there were other sheep around. The lamb continued to baa and follow us as we made our way up the mountain. We decided to stop and try and lead this lamb back to the other sheep. It continued to follow us and we got closer to the other sheep. Let me tell you, these sheep look pissed off at us. Seriously, I was actually worried they were going to come through the very thin fence and attack us. I think they thought we were trying to harm the lamb rather than help it. Anyways, we guided the lamb back to it’s family safe and sound. Thank god. Then we continued our journey up the mountain towards the Gap of Dunloe.

For those of you that don’t know, the Gap of Dunloe is a narrow pass between two mountains. Apparently, it’s pretty popular in Ireland, which I wasn’t aware of until this past weekend. I would say it took us about an hour to cycle up the mountain. It was tough, a consistent incline for about 3-5 miles maybe. We had people driving or walking down the hill, giving us words of encouragement telling us we were almost there. I heard it so many times I was starting to think these people were lying to us! But we finally made it, this was the best part of the trip. We had been cycling for about 4 hours at this point, and we finally made it to our destination. The picture shows me with my hands up between the Gap of Dunloe. The pictures don’t do this place justice at all. It was foggy, cold, and rainy, but you can’t tell just how huge these mountains are. It was awesome, I’m so happy we did it and I was BEYOND happy to get home and take a hot shower. It took us about another hour cycle to get home, but this was easy and flat. So all together, a 5 hour cycle.

It’s been two days later, and my butt is still sore from that bike ride. About 100 km on a bike I guess would do that to ya!

For more pictures from my trip, check out:

What Happens On Spring Break Goes On Social Media

What Happens On Spring Break Goes On Social Media

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‘Riptide’ – Vance Joy

I’m not sure how much this song has caught on in America, but it’s a pretty popular one in Ireland. I thought it was worth a share, I think it’s a great song!