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Obsessed: Kendall Jenner

City Waves


We all know the Kardashian sisters and thank the stars we do because without them we may not know the Jenner sisters. Yes, the Kardashian’s are all that, sure, but the Jenner’s have stepped up their game and in our book, they are winning. Sure, Kendall Jenner would have made her way into the modeling world without the help of being attached to the Kardashian family {how could she not?} but hey, better for us she made it there in lightening speed.

Over here at City Waves we have a major girl crush on Kendall. She is the epitome of the refined California style that we strive to carry. From her street and festival wear to the red carpets, Kendall maintains eloquence with ease {it may be those extremely long legs of hers…jealous}. No one can rock cutoffs and a crop top and transform to a red carpet gem like…

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16 Things We Forget To Thank Our High School Friends For


Thought Catalog

1. The fact that no matter how much time or distance separates you, you always return back home to laugh about the same dumb things that you’re pretty sure only you guys find funny.

2. Being the only people to truly have as much hometown pride as you do, even when you’re hometown is less than noteworthy. You made the best of it, and it holds a really special place in your heart, in all it’s ghetto, middle-of-nowhere, slightly trashy, ultimately endearing glory.

3. All the long and posed Photo Booth sessions from which you got some of your best profile pictures from.

4. Staying with you through that one heartbreak that you made much too big a deal over, with that one person who you are absolutely humiliated to say you ever even liked, let alone dated. They know. They were there. They hung around anyway.

5. Befriending our parents on…

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