Summer Vacation Destination

Summer Vacation Destination

It’s almost April and everyone keeps asking me if I’m going on vacation anywhere this summer. I’ve just realized that I don’t have a summer vacation, or any vacation planned coming up in the near future.

I spent an hour last night looking into European vacation destinations. The one’s that I found I really was interested in are the vacations where you have to take a plane and then drive 3 hours to get to the destination; I’m NOT looking for that. I probably would only get about 5 days so I don’t want to waste my time, just a simple plane ride will be enough for me.

I currently live in Ireland, so it makes traveling to European destinations much easier and more affordable. I just can’t seem to find a European destination! Yes, there are plenty, but I’m looking for a certain vacation

Here’s what I’m looking for: some time to relax on a beach in the sun as well as being able to explore a city.

If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!

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