Farm Experience in Ireland

Farm Experience in Ireland

I’ve been living in Ireland for about two months now and yesterday was my first day out on a farm in Ireland. I live in a city area, so I don’t get to see the beautiful green hills unless I’m traveling around Ireland. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went with his mother to visit where she grew up. She grew up in Bantry, living on a farm; they also have a family bar that is connected to their house so it must’ve been a pretty interesting childhood.

It was a pretty awesome day actually. I got to see so many new things since I’m a city girl and never grew up on a farm or knew anyone that did really. It was a beautiful day out so walking around the farm was very nice. There is just so much land and it’s all so green. Seriously, that’s my favorite part about Ireland, there are just rolling hills of healthy green grass; that rain really helps keep it green!

I’ve always seen cows and calves but never gotten up close and personal. We got to go into the barn and pet the calves, which was pretty funny because they just lick you like crazy. They also showed me how they milk the cows and the machines the milk goes into.

I got to see the bar and how it’s run. I always find things like that pretty interesting because I always wonder how businesses are run. It’s cool seeing the behind the scenes of a bar and how things work, at least I think so!

After our day of walking around the farm, checking out the animals, setting up the bar for the soccer game coming on and having a nice family meal at 3 o’clock (that’s normal dinner time in Ireland on a Sunday) we drove through the town of Bantry, which is right on the water. It was so beautiful, not much to do there but a very gorgeous little town, especially on a sunny day.

Definitely a great experience, and I’m happy we got to go for the day. Most interesting thing I learned in the day was probably that people have no fear in flying in their cars at high speeds on small little roads. I don’t know how they do it but these people just have no fear about hitting the car that’s two feet next to them!

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