The most thought provoking question I’ve gotten lately: Do you have a bucket list?

Someone asked me yesterday if I had a bucket list. I don’t have one, but for some reason this really got me thinking. Why don’t I create one? There are so many things I do want to do in life and I’m kind of the person that unless I make it official, I most likely won’t do it. Unfortunate, but at least I can pull out my flaws, right?

Anyways, I started thinking what I would even put on my bucket list? Travel. Travel. Travel. Travel. This is one thing that I have a big desire for. I love traveling and learning about other cultures and seeing different sites. Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to see a good amount of things for a 23-year-old. I was born and raised in San Francisco, went to school right outside New York City, studied abroad in Paris for a month this past summer, and I currently live in Ireland. Not to shabby right? But there are still so many places I want to go see. 

I’m not a particularly crazy person, so things like cliff jumping, sky diving, swimming with sharks wouldn’t make my list. Well, sky diving… MAYBE, but only if my boyfriend did it with me because he is terrified of heights so it would probably be pretty entertaining. But I decided that I’m going to make a bucket list for right now in life, a 20’s bucket list. It mainly will be a travel bucket list, because this is probably the easiest and best time in my life to go see other countries. Then when I turn 30, I can create a new bucket list. Why make one now when my hobbies may and probably will change by then.

But I can tell you one thing I have ALWAYS wanted to accomplish and that has always been on my bucket list; learning to speak French. It’s such a beautiful language, and a lot of people speak it in Europe so I figure this is a perfect opportunity for me to start. And you know what? I actually have, I mean I’m nowhere near fluent but I can say some verbs and what not…. it’s a start!

So what about you? Do you have a bucket list? 

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One response to “The most thought provoking question I’ve gotten lately: Do you have a bucket list?”

  1. Taking to the Open Road says :

    The problem with starting a bucket list is that you will never ever stop adding to it. For every one item i cross off my list, I add on at least two or three! The world just keeps getting bigger and more beautiful the more you explore it. I think you’ve done pretty well by taking the first step of living outside of the country you grew up in – keep on travelling and don’t stop! Slainte!

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