A Quadriplegic Surfer

I love this video because it proves that nothing can make you stop living the life you want to live. The video starts out with this guy explaining how normal his life is: he has a wife, gets dressed, brushes his teeth, kisses his wife, and goes surfing in his spare time. Only when the video zooms out do you realize that this guy is confined to a wheel chair.

The transition in this video is also wonderful. He says he is not alone because there are 3 million people in the world with spinal chord injuries that paralyzed them. Yet, these people don’t need to live a life where they can’t do what they love. Yes, they may be more dependent on other people now, but they can still go surfing if they want. Paralyzation does not have to be the end of 3 million peoples’ lives, it’s just an adjustment.


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