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Blog, Post, Share gives users the ability to create, explore, comment and follow interesting blogs, topics, events, polls and conversations locally and nationally. Any SimplyTheScoop user can create new blogs and events and tag a category and/or location. We have a wide range of categories such as: College Life, Dining, Fashion, Nightlife & Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Travel, Quotes and Inspiration and much more! Users can tag either a College or University, a Place or Business, or any city, state, county, or zip in the country. What’s unique about is every user has the ability to search blogs and events by any category and/or location. When exploring blogs based on a category and/or a location, blogs will filter on the explore page based on your search. Whether you explore or post the scoop, you’ll be in the LOOP.

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About simplythescoop

SimplyTheScoop is an interactive website for users to explore and create topics and events that impact you, your community and the world around you. With one click you can read, post and follow interesting topics, events and conversations about your favorite locations, places and interests. Out of the loop, be connected and SCOOP!!!

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