I Have An Obsession – Bread

I Have An Obsession - Bread

Growing up, my dad worked for a very popular bread company in San Francisco, called Boudin Bakery. He worked for them for about 30 plus years, so bread has always been a big part of my life and it’s probably how my obsession with bread began.

When I was young, my dad used to bring home bread everyday. He would just bring a big brown bag of different types of bread; sourdough, french, ciabatta, you name it. We almost always had that type of bread in our house plus the basic wheat and white toast. So I grew up eating bread everyday, the good kind of bread too; I became hooked.

About once every two weeks, my family would go out to our favorite local Italian place just around the corner from our house. The best part about Italian restaurants? Well to me it was the unlimited amounts of bread baskets the table would get before dinner. I’m serious when I say I was about 12 years old, hounding down 3-4 bread baskets to myself before dinner started. I was an athlete too so I was essentially always hungry. But by the time dinner came, no thanks. I could barely touch my food because I was so full from all of the bread I consumed beforehand. Then dinner was over and it was time for dessert, and of course I was hungry again. I don’t even know why my parents continued to let me order an entree, we would always just take it home and my dad would eat it the next day.

This “phase” of mine probably stopped when I got to high school and had to be social with my friends, and eating copious amounts of bread was slightly embarrassing. But my love for bread didn’t subside, I still loved it and I had a few friends that knew my true nature.

Last summer I went to Paris for a month for a study abroad program. Can you talk about bread heaven? Good french bread on every single corner, for dirt cheap. Bread costs nothing in Paris, I literally had the cheapest diet. My friends on the trip knew I loved bread but didn’t realize how much. I would have about two baguettes to myself a day, with some cheese and hummus to add some flavor. They couldn’t understand how I was completely satisfied just eating bread for my meals; I couldn’t either, but I was. I saved a crap load of money too living off bread, it was great!

I’ve now moved to Ireland, and have discovered Irish soda bread. I had tried it a few times before back in America, but man is it much better over here. It’s my new addiction; toasted soda bread with a little bit of butter and cheese or.

Oh, and one more thing. I actually own an iphone bread phone case. It has french baguettes on the back. It’s the simple things isn’t it!


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