Golden Retrievers – An Awesome Companion

Golden Retrievers - An Awesome Companion

I’m an absolute dog lover, always have been and always will be. They can be great companions as well as very entertaining.

When I was younger, around 13-years-old, my family got a golden retriever puppy. Talk about adorable! I remember how exciting it was, to have a puppy (she was the first dog I had ever had).

We named her SIerra, like the Sierra Nevada mountains. My dad had a thing for naming his dogs after beers, and Sierra Nevada happens to be one of his favorite beers. She was great, a little trouble maker but that’s what makes them great isn’t it? Anytime the fridge door opened she was there, and well we didn’t do the best job of saying no to her adorable puppy face. Let’s just say she got a bit plumper than a normal golden should be; there was just more of her to love!

She was an absolute character; she had a lot of energy and always just wanted to be loved. That’s the great thing about golden retrievers, they love attention from humans, and they will do almost anything to get it. She could always tell when you were upset, and would always come to cuddle with you if you were; a true companion dog.

Unfortunately, she passed of cancer a few years ago. We rescued her a friend two years before she passed, a mut from the SPCA. It turned into a mother-daughter relationship, it was pretty funny actually. I love our mut, Olive, she’s got some weird characteristics that make you laugh but she’s no companion dog like Sierra was. I have a few friends that have golden retrievers as well and they all agree that they really are the best companion dogs!

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