Don’t You Dare Eat My Dog!!

Don’t You Dare Eat My Dog!!

We hear it on the news a lot lately, especially coming out of Asian countries. Of course in this country it is illegal to eat a dog or cat. But some have been convicted of this in the United States. It is disgusting and cruel, considering they are mainly pets and loves to humans. But I see these documentaries that are far too graphic for anyone to ever see and makes me nauseous. It is cruel because they are caged and sometimes starved. They are starved until they are skinned and roasted like a lamb in the field. But the worst part about this is that it is done publicly and in front of many people. They have no regard but I have to also remember that this is cultural and although the majority of the world sees it as taboo or inhumane, it is their culture that is accepted by them. But in this part of the world it is not okay and could spend your whole in life if guilty of this crime. We have to be understanding of others culture but it does not mean I agree with this barbaric method. The fact of the matter is that for me dogs and cats are companions and friends not food. Although many subscribe to this way of life does mean I do. But now there is new legislation in China that could make it illegal via the Chinese Government. If this happened then these countries would have reached a new age of civilization. 



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