“Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate…”

Thanks to the Food Network, and the show that has officially, and quite easily, stolen my heart, and undoubtedly, become my newest guilty pleasure, in Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, chocolate has never been so delicious, or indulgent! Um, did I just say that? I think I did. Yummy! It’s time to eat up! “Mangia, mangia!” Let me hear you say, “Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate!” I kid you not, that is the rather clever, and appropriate title for this episode. And just for the record, if I asked you what the best equation is for this year’s much anticipated Valentine’s Day, what would you say? And be honest. In my mind, it just so happens to be a girl’s night in, and cooking up some pure love and happiness! Forget the boys. Yup, you heard me correctly. I did just say that. In fact, I have a great idea! Why don’t you leave them home and take a cooking class with the pros! After all, being single, on quite arguably, one of the most romantic holidays of the year, despite its ‘yawn worthy,’ and well overrated commercialism, can be quite the yucky and tricky combination! Am I right? But, no worries girls, as Trisha and her best friend Julie, come to the rescue, laughing it out, one dish at a time, cooking directly from the comforts of Yearwood’s own down country home. That’s right, there’s no restaurant here! Say what? How is that even possible? I know that sounds crazy, but it’s oh so true! And what exactly is the key, and the secret to their success in entertaining, you ask? How about a long lasting friendship, an expert and veteran-like nack at being in the ‘foodie’ world. Oh, and there’s also just that little bit of drinking involved, as the two jokingly mention a few times, throughout the show. Hey, last time I checked, that was perfectly normal, just like on Bethenny, Giada, Ellen, and/or Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, The Bachelor, and Real Housewives. But, then again, I digress.

From Yearwood’s incredibly delicious, savory, and ‘finger lickin’ good,’ ‘freezer friendly’ desserts, including chocolate hurricanes, chocolate smoothie martinis, chocolate pound cake, chocolate chip cookie dough balls, and Colleen’s infamous chocolate fudge, I’d say that there’s definitely no more room, or ideas left tothe imagination. I know, imagine that! Hey people, where’s the chocolate fountain? It’s certainly not a party until that dish of heaven is present. Am I right? In fact, I’ve heard a few times, “That’s only good, until the very last drop!” Do you agree? And, really, need I say more? I think not! For me, I think that this is by far, and quite truthfully, the best way to celebrate, and to also forget what my current relationship status is, I mean, let’s be honest. After all, having fun and getting down and dirty, is what Valentine’s Day should really be all about, of course aside from all of the as-per-usual acknowledgement of feelings for loved ones. Am I right? Hey, I just speak the truth! What are your plans for the big day?
For more of Trisha’s recipes from this episode, check out http://www.foodnetwork.com/trishas-southern-kitchen/400-series/chocolate-chocolate-and-more-chocolate.html

You’re welcome!

Any questions?


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