Russia Claiming To Be Friendly While Slaughtering Animals

Russia Claiming To Be Friendly While Slaughtering Animals

Hundreds of stray animals were killed in Russia in preparation for the Olympics. Last minute, a dog shelter and other animal rights groups worked collaboratively to remove the animals after Russia essentially said remove them or we kill them.

Dogs could be seen being shot with poison darts in the street and tossed into trucks waiting near by and the director of pest control business, Basya Services, has confirmed that they were hired to exterminate the strays.

Before the involvement of outside sources, about 300 strays were killed a month at about $25 to $35 each in Sochi. The reason: to prepare for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics that occurred on Friday. Authorities claim that the dogs are dangerous and wild, that they were performing the service of pest removal.

Activist groups acted quickly when Russia gave them the deadline of last Thursday to act. They used what was referred to as a “dog rescue” golf cart (it is being called Povodog, playing on the Russian word povodok which means leash). This povodog has been picking up animals and taking them to a shelter composed of outdoor shantytown dog houses on a hill outside the city.

Currently, the area is giving shelter to over 80 animals, including dozens of puppies.
Where did these pets come from? Workers are stating that they are either the stray pets or the offspring of stray pets who were abandoned by the families whose homes were demolished because of the Olympics. Many were moved to apartments where pets are often undesirable.

However, Russia has never had a particularly animal friendly or protective policy. They have not been attentive in animal control responsibilities such as spaying and neutering animals.


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