Problems with Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Problems with Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Pessimism has run rampant, as a Twitter account, “Sochi Problems,” already has 337,000 followers. Some of the issues and snafus include the infamous fifth Olympic ring mishap during the opening ceremony, hundreds of stray dogs roaming around the Olympic Village (there have been reports that many have been euthanized), and open manholes that drop about 15 feet deep.
The most publicized complications have surrounded the new hotels that clearly weren’t ready for guests. Johnny Quinn, a member of the U.S. four-man bobsled team, found himself locked in a bathroom. With no phone or way to call for help, he smashed the door open, and posted a picture on Twitter of the large hole he bashed in to escape.
Some have been fortunate that hotels even kept their reservation. Many other hotels have botched reservations, as guests have entered their rooms only to learn that other guests were already sleeping there. A large number of visitors have complained that hotel room televisions don’t work, and lamps are often missing light bulbs. Some bathrooms lack hot water, or the water comes out dark.

Problems with Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics:
Twitter Account- “Sochi Problems”–> 337,00 followers
Stray dogs running around Sochi- many being euthanized
15-foot manholes
Locked in bathroom
Locked out of room b/c room key doesn’t work
Botched hotel reservations
Some rooms already taken by others
Dark water
Terribly Wi-Fi connection
Not the best selection of food
The shape of the half pipe has had many complaints
Positives with Sochi:
The volunteers are extremely helpful and speak English, are polite and courteous, and try their best to help those who have questions.
Security checkpoints have been thorough and accommodating
Transportation has been effective
Beautiful sports venues
Games have been going smoothly

With all these problems, it’s hard to overlook the great things occurring. It’s completely frustrating when you are in the Olympics and you don’t feel like a champion. Now that may sound high maintenance, but if you practice so hard for years and years, and you finally make it to the Olympics, you want to have the proper accommodations and proper relaxation time you deserve. It’s a great honor to be apart of such a great tradition, but it would be the icing on the cake if there were issues that could have been avoided.


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