Stop Comparing, Start Praising

Stop Comparing, Start Praising

Every time I go on the internet I see posts that say “When did this become hotter than this?” showing an ultra curvy woman and an ultra skinny woman. For some odd reason, people find that it order to make curvy women (or even average women) feel better about themselves they need to put down skinny women. Welp, I’m here to let you know that there’s another way! You can praise women and men of all body types without putting down anyone else. Everybody is different. Every body is different. The common trend is the ridicule of people that are overweight, which is wrong on its own. People, rightly so, combat this ridicule with praise. Unfortunately more oft then not this praise is in the form of putting down the opposite. They promote full figures over slim. Curves over skinniness. What every one should be doing is promoting over all body acceptance. Praise the skinny and slim! Praise the curvy and thick! One is not better than another and one does not exist to the detriment of another. The praise and put downs of body types are not mutually exclusive. To raise one person up it is never necessary to put another down. So keep that in mind and uplift it all!



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