Canada’s 2014 Olympic Men’s Snowboarding Athletes

Canada's 2014 Olympic Men's Snowboarding Athletes

As the 2014 Winter Olympics approach, the qualifying rounds are coming to an end, which means the final teams will soon be formed. Every time the Olympics come around, no matter winter or summer, it has always been a must see for me. There are two sports that have caught my eye this year, skiing and snowboarding for both men and women.
Watching the athletes perform these amazing tricks, while they are flying through the air, almost gives me chills because I can tell how hard they have worked to be where they are.

The X-games are a competition that occurs prior to the Olympics and is a true test to an athlete’s ability and dedication. Many Olympic athletes participate in the x-games each year, in hopes of winning for the gold, all the while practicing to win the gold medal in the Olympic games. This year, there was no shortage of talent when it came to those participating in snowboard events, no matter country, age or gender. Since daytime television is full of talk shows and soap operas, I figured my best bet would be watching the x-games and it surely did not disappoint.

The two Olympic athletes that caught my eye were, Mark McMorris and Maxence Parrot, both from team Canada. Since I tuned into the games after the first run had been completed, the replays were my only source of catching up on the athletes. Parrot had earned first place for the time being because of his ability to complete the run along with his almost flawless execution of tricks. It was not until the second run that another athlete had completed a run, without wiping out. Mark McMorris took over the first place title during this run, with only a point higher than the previous first place score. Then it all came down to the third run, which is where Parrot once again took over first. But because of the order in which the athletes competed, McMorris still had a chance to win. Within seconds of starting his last run, McMorris went to grind the first rail and unexpectedly clipped the front of his board, flipped forward and hit the rail with his body twice before landing in the snow. He was able to get up and board down the rest of the hill but everybody soon learned that he had suffered a broken rib.

With this unfortunate event, Parrot earned the gold in slope style and McMorris came in second. Even with a broken rib, McMorris plans to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics with the rest of the Canadian team. These two athletes are only a year apart in age, with Parrot being the youngest at 19 years old.

These men are the ones to watch for because while they do not have a well-known name like Shawn White, the passion and dedication they place into every run could very well win one of them gold. In prior x-games, McMorris has been the one who finished on top, winning the gold in both 2012 and 2013. While Parrot has not finished quite as well in prior competition, winning the x-games gold this year has placed him in a very good position for the Olympics. However, even with a broken rib, McMorris is still my number one pick for the gold. Neither one has competed in at the Olympics but both have very high expectations for themselves in their journey for the Gold.


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