Coca-Cola Commercial Controversy

Coca-Cola Commercial Controversy

During the Super Bowl Sunday night Coca-Cola released a commercial that one would assume might breed unity and acceptance. They were met, however with the exact opposite. The commercial, which featured individuals singing “America The Beautiful” in different languages, was meant to unify the identity of the global brand that is Coca-Cola. People took to the Twittersphere immediately after the commercial aired, voicing their outrage over the “disrespect” of our nation’s song. The most common comment that I found complained that “English is our native language”, which of course is false. 

The tweets can be found sites all over the internet, with counter arguments and rebuttals. For a country that was founded by immigrants and is built on the ideals of freedom of expression, it is shocking to still see these values surface in 2014. Here’s hoping that we can being to regain our melting pot mentality this year and welcome immigrants back into what used to be a promoter of peace. 


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