Woman Learns to Walk Again

I’ve always loved stories such as this. It just proves to me that no matter how horrible one’s situation is, there are ways to get back up to who you want to be. This woman just needed hope, and something to keep her going, which she found in Karen’s dance videos. She realized that despite what the doctors said, there is no reason she can’t do what everyone else does. I think the best part of this video, though, is that others saw what she was doing and decided to not let their illnesses get in the way of doing what they love.

I’ve heard stories that those without hope when they are in the hospital or going through some major change only get worse. If you think there isn’t anything worth it to fight, you’re not going to want to fight and it will just be easier to give up. That is why, whenever I visit people in the hospital I try to make sure there is something they keep wanting to live for. Maybe there will be a chain reaction, and by cheering up one person in the hospital, they will cheer up others who are in a worse situation.


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