Drunk In Love: Beyonce at the Grammy’s

Drunk In Love: Beyonce at the Grammy’s

Beyonce looks slimmed down and better than ever as she opened the Grammy’s last night with an erotic tribute to her marriage by performing “Drunk In Love” with her husband of five years Jay-Z. Her body looked significantly slimmer in her black thong and body suit, which Beyonce has attributed to a Vegan fast prior to the awards. Although some of the lyrics were “bleeped” out in order to ensure that the performance was ‘age appropriate’ this act was almost made null and void by the erotic nature of her dancing which was not suitable for children. Although who can say what is actually publicly appropriate anymore after the many recently over sexualized performances across various venues. Either way, one can definitely see that Beyonce and Jay-Z are “Crazy In Love” for each other as they smiled their way through the entire performance. 


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