21 Reasons Residents Love Orange County

21 Reasons Residents Love Orange County

  1. Beautiful Weather. SoCal has beautiful sunny weather nearly 365 days of the year and that’s why we get to enjoy things like surfing, hiking, biking and more all year round.
  2. All the convenience of the city with all the luxuries of the suburbs.Orange Countyis technically a suburb and yet it’s got all of the shopping, amenities, and excitement of the city. Residents love their quiet neighborhoods yet proximity to numerous downtown areas with great restaurants, bars and entertainment just waiting to be enjoyed.
  3. Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on earth and we’re lucky enough to have it in our backyard. What’s that you hear across Orange County every night at around 9? That would be the Disneyland fireworks show.
  4. Beach Cities. Orange County has 6 different beach cities each with its own unique vibe. Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Dana Point and Newport Beach each offer their own fun shops, restaurants, night life and beautiful landscape.
  5. Proximity to the Mountains and the Beach. That’s right, you can surf in Huntington Beach in the morning and be snowboarding before sundown in Big Bear. Snow capped mountains are just a 2 hour drive from Orange County.
  6. It’s close to L.A. without having to actually live in L.A. Enough said.
  7. The local art scene. Laguna Beach and Santa Ana both have regular art walks and a flourishing local art scene. Laguna Beach holds several artisan fairs at the Sawdust festival grounds and Santa Ana’s Artist Village is an up and coming neighborhood bursting with creativity, trendy galleries, theaters, museums and cafes.
  8. There are TONS of malls. Orange County offers more than 20 malls and marketplaces for residents to enjoy. Locals can choose from swap meets and antique malls to several high end shopping centers including South Coast Plaza where you can visit stores like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton.
  9. Top of the world in Laguna Beach AKA Alta Laguna Park. Located 1,000 feet above sea level, this park offers breathtaking views of the entire county as well hiking and biking trails to enjoy.
  10. Sailing. With 6 different beach cities it’s easy to find a place to set sail. One of the most popular places to sail and sight see in the area is Newport Beach.
  11. Great hiking and outdoor opportunities. OC Parks maintains nearly 60,000 acres of wilderness parks, nature preserves and beaches for residents to enjoy.
  12. Surfing. Huntington Beach is knows as Surf City USA and there are plenty of other great places nearby to catch an epic wave (See #3)
  13. A Rich History. From Spanish missions to rich agricultural roots, Orange County reflects its history and pays tribute to our founders and forefathers.
  14. Knott’s Berry Farm. Speaking of agricultural founders, did you know that the delicious boysenberry was made famous by Orange County native Walter Knott? His success brought prosperity to the county post WWII and now he is best known for the thrilling theme park he founded, Knott’s Berry Farm.
  15. Orange County Performing Arts Center, now known as the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Bringing international ballet and dance, Broadway shows, world renowned classical music, and all kinds of performing arts right to your door.
  16. Multicultural. People from all different walks of life and corners of the world converge in Orange County creating a melting pot, tossed salad, [insert metaphor here] of culture.
  17. The OC Fair. Fried food, carnival games, collapsible roller coasters and 4 H all come to Orange County each summer for a two month extravaganza.
  18. In-n-out. Mouthwatering burgers, animal style fries and thick creamy milkshakes, all under $5. Be jealous.
  19. We’re close to San Diego. Treasures like Seaworld, the Gaslamp district, Coronado beach and more are less than an hour down the 5 Freeway.
  20. Great Communities. Orange County cities often make their way onto Top 10 lists for being the best. For example, Irvine has been the#1 safest cityin the country for the past 9 years.
  21. There’s always something to do. Just check out the list and you’ll understand why residents love Orange County. With comedy shows, bars, antiquing, surfing, local theater, and more there’s always something to choose from and that’s why it’s such a popular place to live.

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