Oreo Balls

This is an amazing video, created by CookingWithGals, that gives us step by step guidance on how to make delicious Oreo balls. This recipe is perfect for many reasons.

First, everyone just loves Oreos, but sometimes the old dip in the milk trick can get a little mundane; this new way of eating them will create a new and exciting way to munch.

Second, unknown to many, Oreos are actually vegan; so to make these treats vegan all you must do is skip the last step and POOF, you have yourself a vegan dessert.

And last, but not least, these treats are simply fun to make and very kid friendly. So grab your friends or little nieces or nephews and have a blast!

See more at: https://www.simplythescoop.com/topic-detail/l4etjA==/orea-balls


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