TED Talks: Myshkin Ingawale

TED Talks: Myshkin Ingawale

Imagine blood tests without any needles or pricks, no breaking of skin or blood vessels at all. This is what Ingawale envisioned after his trip to Parol, India. 

“Anemia is a major — and completely preventable — cause of deaths in childbirth in many places around the world, but the standard test is invasive and slow. In this witty and inspiring talk, TED Fellow Myshkin Ingawale describes how (after 32 tries) he and his team created a simple, portable, low-cost device that can test for anemia without breaking the skin.
Myshkin Ingawale is the co-founder of Biosense Technologies, which has built ToucHB, a portable, non-invasive device to test for anemia.”

Even though this technology only tests for anemia, it is sill an amazing feat for modern medicine. So far he has made the ToucHB and the uChek kit and iPhone app which uses urine analysis to measure for early warning markers for more than 25 medical conditions, including complications of diabetes, pregnancy, kidney disease and urinary tract infections.

Check out the link to watch the ToucHB talk!


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