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50 Best Albums Of 2013

50 Best Albums Of 2013

Rolling Stones recently released their picks for the 50 best albums of the year. Artists such as Avicii, Haim, Pearl Jam, and Phoenix all made the list. For the full list check out the link!


Real Life, Real People, Real Talk

Real Life, Real People, Real Talk

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Brothers Sit On Santa’s Lap For 34 Years Straight


Brothers Sit On Santa’s Lap For 34 Years Straight

I thought this was very cool. The first picture is from 1980, where Mike Gray, now 34, is in a picture alone with Santa. His brother Martin, now 30, joins the photos a few pictures later. They have carried this tradition on for 34 years. It’s entertaining to look through the photos and see how the boys and styles have changed over the years; it’s funny seeing how Santa changes each year as well!

Go to the link to see the pictures!